Manie Shika from GHANA, a unique DJ and solo performer fusing the warm beats of Africa with groovy House beats – Afrotec


He was the initiator of the band Shika Massie operating as singer and percussionist. Manie Shika has been performing globally for many years and has written countless musical projects and was part of introducing Afrotec.

With a background as a dancer, Manie mixes music that makes people dance, irrespective of age or background. He will put smiles on people’s faces on any gig, and suits to every size of party, event or club.

This outstanding DJ has played at some of the biggest Night clubs in Sydney, drumming his way through the dance crowd. Currently Manie performs in different constallations depending on the event. He plays with other DJ’s performing Global Funk, House, Latin music and more, as well as live acts Manie will make you dance

“Joy breaks down any barrier – it’s a universal language”